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Image by Agto Nugroho

When I posted my new year's goal session on Instagram I got so many messages asking where I got my planner from. Truth is I can never find a planner I like, or that doesn't cost £30, so I actually designed and made a planner myself :)


I did a small print run of 20 planner so I have a few extras, so as promise here is a listing for those who wanted one.



  • 90 day planner
  • Set your goals for the next year, quarter, and month
  • Set both business (or career) and personal goals
  • 90 days of daily task lists, schedule and notes
  • Pages are undated so you can start it when you like 
  • Size: A5


My Top Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals

  1. Goals for the year are better than new year resolutions
  2. Get specific, e.g 'Monthly beach walks' rather than 'More me time' 
  3. Set your year goals, from that break it down into quarter goals, then into month goals
  4. Look at your goals for the months before you set your tasks for the day
  5. Only ever set yourself 3 tasks each day, only once these are done add more


Good luck and if you want any tips or advice please just reach out 

90 Day Planner

PriceFrom £12.99
Price Options
One-time purchase
Every 3 Months
Get a new planner every time it runs out.
£12.99every 3 months until canceled
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