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All our candles are made entirely by hand, which means they sometimes come out a bit imperfect. We don't want these candles to go to waste, can you give one a home?


These are the same beautifully smelling candles as our full price range, just with one or more of the following imperfections:


  • Off centre wick (aka wonky wick)
  • Wonky label
  • Wrong label on candle
  • Wick cut too short
  • Imperfect wax surface (bubbles. cracked etc)
  • Dented lid/jar


Grab yourself a bargain before they disappear!


We fund the planting of one tree in the amazon rainforest for each and every Earth Candle you buy.


One Candle = One Tree

Gingerbread Candle WONKY WICK

PriceFrom £8.99
Out of Stock
  • "Somehow smells warm and homely, and just makes me feel happy. It's quite simply the best thing i've ever smelt."


    "Smells delicious, and gave a cosy and hugge feel to the room. Also brought as a gift and my friend loved them."

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