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Image by Agto Nugroho

We've given the reed diffuser an Earth Candle Co eco makeover.


We've ditched the tiny squat bottles that don't last very long, and removed every ounce of plastic, (including that fiddly plug that you can never get out).


In our signature recyclable amber glass, with sleek labels made from waste paper. You won’t find a single piece of plastic on the reed diffuser or the packaging, even the bottles lid is an easy to open recyclable aluminium lid.


To add to all of that we will fund the planting of a tree in the Amazon Rainforest for every reed diffuser.


Imagine walking into your home to be greeted by the most wonderful scent, knowing that there is a tree growing in the Amazon for you.


We’ve done a huge amount of testing to ensure the diffusers are the perfect strength to fill your room, but subtle enough as to not be overpowering.


Reed diffusers are an excellent way to make your home smell nice and get rid of the smell of dogs, bathrooms and in one customers words 'sweaty boys'.


Refills will be available soon, to reduce even more waste.


  • Comes boxed, perfect for gifting
  • A tree is planted for every diffuser sold
  • Individually hand crafted in Cornwall
  • Fully recyclable
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Zero Waste and 100% plastic free
  • Refills available soon

English Pear + Freesia Reed Diffuser

  • "Love the simplicity. My lounge smells so lovely. I choose English pear & Freesia. Beautiful. I will definitely buy it again. Highly recommended. 💚💚💚"


    "Within a few minutes of opening this reed diffuser, the fragrance was filling my room. It’s light and fresh, slightly sweet and has a nostalgic feel about it: like hugs from your nana (in the best way!)."


    "Lovely fragrance, I'm looking forward to trying the others!"


    "Constant light scent in the house, especially for small spaces in our home (downstairs WC, porch, entrance hall and upstairs landing)"


    “Reminds me of my allotment in spring! Of the positivity if new dawn’s and beginnings and they are incredibly uplifting to tbe mind and soul! love them hugely 🧿❤️‍🔥


    "“English pear and freesia is my absolute favourite as it brings back memories. It’s scent makes me smile and makes my heart sing x”

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